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Welcome to Our Website!

We just want to take a moment and thank Good360 for connecting us with several retailers that we are able to get items from to provide to the community at no cost. They have provided a new outlet to get bulk items to help those in need in our community and we are very grateful for all they have done to help our organization. Another organization we want to thank is Weecycled Wardrobe as they have worked with us for many years and we wouldn't be where we are today without their donations as well. They are a blessing to our non-profit and we hope to continue a great working relationship with them as well. We also want to thank the families and individuals that have donated items of all sorts and continue to do so to share with others in need. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful network of those that care about others and want to help others - without them we wouldn't be successful, so THANK YOU ALL!

We look forward to expanding and doing much bigger things in the near future!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

We are excited to be online and share what our non-profit is all about: Families Helping Families!

We love what we do and want to continue giving back to the wonderful families around us! We are here to provide support for those in need and give away as much free stuff as possible!

We will be posting updates about our upcoming events online and on our Facebook page, as well as through email.

Check back periodically for upcoming events and updates. Thank you again for all your support!

Tina, Ashley, & Ali

Don't miss out on the next Summer Give-Away.....

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September 30, 2023     10:00-4:00

This is for your immediate family that live in your home. If you have questions please ask. If you know of a family that needs items please let us know and we'll help if we can.

Everything is done through messenger.

When signing up give:

Time you would like to come

Name on ID card

Age & gender (boy/girl) of your children

Who will be with you the day of the Event

No bags.

Lock your purse in your car.

Please be respectful and keep your phones off

There’s a Park on Widewater Road with a restroom. Use that before coming. My home is off limits, no exceptions.

If you bring your children please keep them with you at ALL times.

Will update as we get closer to the Event!!

We're going to have different stuff this time but a little of everything we had last time also lol. Hope this makes sense.

And let the sign up begin - I love doing this.................




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