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TMAC & Family, Inc. is all about family, just as the name states. We were founded in October 1999, (Incorporated in 2016) as a mother-daughter team looking to help families in need in our area. Tina Decatur is our founding president and Ashley Baer, her oldest daughter is the Vice President and Ali McClelland, her youngest along with many other family members make up TMAC & Family, Inc. We are a family that not only loves each other, but loves to help one another as well, family or not!

We didn't get going really until the last couple of years and started having different events. We are here to provide support for those in need, and give away free clothes, baby items, books, toys, furniture, food, and anything else that has been given/donated to us. We fund any events we put on by donations and our own families support. We have clothing/food/etc... give-a ways a couple of times per year as we can and look forward to growing our events and making them more of a block party/give-away if we can!

Thank you All for your support!!

Tina, Ashley & Ali 

Tina Decatur - Founder of TMAC & Family, Inc

Tina is the founder of TMAC & Family and without her, there would not be this great organization! She wanted to help people in any way she could, whether it just be bringing the community together for block parties, yard sales, family dinners, helping military families, and now giving away FREE items to the community and those who need it. She has a huge heart and just wants to give back.  

Ali - Tina's Daughter

Ali is the youngest of Tina's 3 children and is a huge part in TMAC & Family for her help in advertising, marketing, creative ideas and keeping "Nana TT" straight!! She is a mother of 2 wild girls, Ophelia and Aria, and soon to be wife of her fiance Brandon! We wouldn't be the same with Ali's kind but firm heart and her creative ideas!! 


Cindy has become part of the family over the last 4 years through working with Ashley. She has become one of our biggest helpers as well with every aspect of TMAC & Family from helping sorting items before the events, setting up/taking down everything, and helping during the events and interacting with the families as well. She may be petite, but she is very mighty! :) She and her two boys, Chace & Ashton, will always be part of the TMAC Family!  


David is Tina's nephew and has been helping over the last few years. He is a veteran and served time overseas for the National Guard. Him and his boys Brody and Xander love coming to the events and meeting the new families. David is usually working the road when Raechel is not there, or just hanging out, or helping carry items to families vehicles.  

Ashley - Tina's Daughter

Ashley is the oldest of Tina's daughters and has been around from the beginning of TMAC as Ali was only 5 when it was founded. She is usually the one at the tables with "Nana TT" checking everyone in and out or handing items out. She has only one child, her daughter Lizzy and wife to Joe. Lizzy is a huge help as well - starting young in learning the act of giving and caring for others. She loves to try and sell her own baked goods, lemonade or handmade items as well :)


Raechel has been helping forever it seems! She is one of our closest and dearest friends! Her and her children have been a huge part of TMAC over the last several years - from donating items, helping set up, and Raechel is most known for working the road now!! She is the one most people see first when she is there. She has one of the biggest and kindest hearts and she is one to give the best advice for anything and everything!! We appreciate Raechel and her family so very much!

Wanda, Brenda, Olivia, and Leanna

This family has been our 2nd family over the last 15 plus years and we have been through so much with them over the years. They helped us with some of our very first events in Virginia with TMAC! We have watched them grow and have their own babies, as well as them watching our families grow! We appreciate each and every one of them and would be lost without them.  

Grandma Susie

Grandma is Tina's mom and when she was able to, she would come and help set up for the events and then sit and chat with families and give that good 'Grandma feel' to everyone. She is no longer able to come and help or chat, but she is always watching from the 'top of the hill' in her log cabin :) We love our Grandma Susie dearly and appreciate all she has taught us about caring for others and being kind.

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