TMAC & Family, Inc.

"Families Helping and Keeping Families Together!"

TMAC & Family, Inc. is all about family, just as the name states.  We were founded in October 1999, (Incorporated in 2016) as a mother-daughter team looking to help families in need in our area.  Tina Decatur is our founding president and Ashley Baer, her oldest daughter is the Vice President and Ali McClelland, her youngest along with many other family members make up TMAC & Family, Inc.  We are a family that not only loves each other, but loves to help one another as well, family or not!

We didn't get going really until the last couple of years and started having different events.  We are here to provide support for those in need, and give away free clothes, baby items, books, toys, furniture, food, and anything else that has been given/donated to us.  We fund any events we put on by donations and our own families support.  We have clothing/food/etc... give-a ways a couple of times per year as we can and look forward to growing our events and making them more of a block party/give-away if we can!

Thank you All for your support!!

Tina, Ashley & Ali