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Coupons for the Military Families Overseas

We have added several more families to our coupon distribution list and we are up to 40 families that we send coupons directly too not including the bases we send packages to and they pass the coupons out at the commissaries on base. We are truly grateful for everyone that has continued to donate coupons to help our military families overseas! 

If you have unused or expired coupons (up to 4 months) we will gladly take them, cut or uncut!! We send them to several families and another group that will send them overseas to the military base stores- most bases will allow them to use expired coupons!! 

It is one way for us to say thank you for their service and help any way we can with those families overseas. You can mail the coupons to the below address.

TMAC & Family, Inc.

c/o Ashley Baer

124 Choptank Road

Stafford, VA 22556

(Coupons must not be expired more than 4 months from the current month and must be manufacturer's coupons only)

We look forward to receiving your coupons! We will be adding pictures with our first batch of coupons heading out soon! Thank you in advance! 

Wands for Wildlife

We also collect used mascara wands to wash and send to 'Wands for Wildlife' to help with cleaning and brushing baby animals. Thank you for those that have donated so many already and to those that donate in the future to help this amazing cause!! You can drop them off at any event we have or you can mail them to the address below:

TMAC & Family, Inc

c/o Ashley Baer

124 Choptank Road

Stafford, VA 22556

Thank you notes from Overseas!!

"Thank you soooo much! They are appreciated more than you know! It means a lot that you take the time to send them and cut them all out! 💗💗" - S. P. - Japan

"I want to let you know that I received the coupons you sent and I'm very thankful for them!" L.S. - Okinawa, Japan

"Thank you so much for sending the coupons!! They have helped our family of 6 so much! We are so thankful for the time you take out and money used to send them monthly." A.A

. - Okinawa, Japan

Total Coupons (Dollar Value) Mailed to Date

2019 - 54,760.00

2018 - $52,618.90

2017 - $175,215.25

2016 - $116,330.75

2010-2015 - roughly $200,000

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