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We would love to here how we have helped you and your family out, anonymous or not! 

I just want to say thank you for helping my family out this afternoon with your event it means a lot. Thank you to everyone who had help putting it together 28 Sep 2019

- Rebecca

Hi all.thank you so much with all the help we got alot of nice things love from michelle green and johnny martin!!!!! 28 Sep 2019

Good morning ! Hope all is well and everyone is warm on this cold day! 😊 I just wanted to say thank you very much from the bottom of the abbess family ! Thank you for everything you are doing for people in need. Thank you for being so kind! You are the good we need in this world keep on doing what your doing !! 💖

The Abbess Family, VA

"Thank you so much for this wonderful event and great food!"

McDonald Family, Spotsylvania, VA

"Thank you for all you do - having a toddler and only one income is always hard. This is such a huge blessing!" -Anonymous, NC

"This is incredible, thank you so much! Your support for the less fortunate means a great deal." -Anonymous, Stafford ,VA

"Everything you do is amazing, thank you! -Anonymous, Stafford, VA

"Thank you so much for the free items!! We loved the cupcakes and lemonade! :)"

-Anonymous, Woodbridge, VA

"This event (Spring 2016 Give-Away) helped me provide clothing and items for my grand-kids, thank you!" 

 -Anonymous, Stafford, VA

"Thank you so much for providing this event (Spring 2016 Give-Away) and the free items. We were able to get clothing and books for our children."

-The Bryant Family, Reston, VA

"TMAC & Family have helped our family greatly! We have 5 kids under 5 in our home and this truly helps - thank you so much!"

-Anonymous, Lorton, VA

"For a single mom, these events are extremely helpful as I am always trying to find ways to help provide for my children, thank you."

- Anonymous, Woodbridge, VA

"TMAC & Family has helped our family so much since we have been stationed here at Quantico with not only clothes for our children, but information on local deals, tickets, and food!! They are a blessing to the area and we are so grateful for all they do for the local community and the military families!"

- The Vandor Family, Quantico VA

"We have been so blessed to have found TMAC & Family - they have helped us in so many ways with the free clothes and furniture they have provided to our family! They have also guided us in the right direction to get help in the local area for other things we need and cannot afford at the moment. Thank you so much for all you do! We love you guys!"

- The Merck Family, Stafford VA

"Our family has come together since finding TMAC & Family and the different things they offer. We have spent more time together attending different local sporting events, concerts, and children's shows/events through the free tickets TMAC has been able to provide. Otherwise we would not have the means to get the family together and spend quality time with each other enjoying these different events. It really has made a difference in our family life, now we all look forward to spending time as a family and not just sitting around on our electronics - we actually leave those in the car most of the time!! Thank you again for all you do!"

- The Johnston Family

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